Experts on Outdoor Lighting in Kansas City Explains Pathway Lights–Do you have a pathway that needs some outdoor lighting in Kansas City? Is it stairs? Is it a walkway? Pathway lights are a functional and elegant addition to your exterior landscape. They come in a series of different colors and downlights including garden lights.

What are the benefits of outdoor lighting in Kansas City on your pathway?

  • Enhanced safety for visitors, prevents tripping and missteps. 
  • Upgraded security, eliminates shadows where intruders might conceal themselves. 
  • Garden protection, prevents accidental tripping by revealing the boundaries of pathways.
  • Reveals elevation changes like stairs or inclines.
  • Highlights low-growing plants for added visual interest.
  • Improves your home’s curb appeal and enhances its best features.

Experts on Outdoor Lighting in Kansas City Explain Different Types of Pathway Lights

Garden Lights – Garden lights are a common lighting element that often shows up in the DIY pathway lighting kits found at your local home improvement store. They typically stand between 18 to 24 inches tall and include a canopy that helps reflect light down onto paths and garden beds. Garden lights come in a wide variety of styles.

Downlights – Outdoor lights in Kansas City recommends downlights because they are a versatile pathway lighting option. These lights are set higher, usually adhered to a pole, wall, or nearby tree. The higher they are situated, the broader the area of lighting coverage they offer. Their design directs light towards the ground like a moonbeam, bathing a pathway or section of the garden in gentle illumination without irritating side glare.Outdoor Lighting in Kansas City

Flush Lights – Outdoor lights in Kansas City recommends flush lights installed in the ground or pathway or mounted low in a garden wall. Some feature built-in eyelids to direct light in a particular direction and help reduce glare. Flush lights can highlight the pathway or nearby gardens without blinding or distracting other features in the landscape.

Adding Outdoor Lighting in Kansas City for your Pathway

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