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Top Things Everyone Should Know About Holiday Lights

Christmas is still six months away, but it is never too early in the year to start planning the design and execution of your holiday light display to make sure you get exactly what you want. There are so many things to consider when thinking about creating a holiday light display out of your home [...]

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Benefits of LED Christmas Lights

Many people still use traditional Christmas lights; however, there are some new alternatives that are a huge benefit to a home or business owner. At Chris Light Co, the best Christmas light installers in Kansas City, we use all of the best technology in bulbs to make sure your lights are the brightest, and you [...]

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Your Safety and Outdoor Lighting

Many of us enjoy outdoor lighting to bring ambiance to a space, or more practically, provide light to enjoy an evening outdoors. With the best outdoor lights in Kansas City, Chris Light Co, offers great lighting to enhance your dinner mood lighting. However, there are also safety concerns that are addressed when considering outdoor lighting. [...]

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Outdoor Summer Lighting Ideas

Being outdoors in the summer can set the mood for some great memories with friends and family. Dining, sitting by a fire, or just drinking a glass of wine outside on a summer night can take the night from blah to fabulous. At Chris Light Co, we provide the best backyard lighting in Kansas City [...]

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Hire the Professionals for Your Outdoor Lighting Project

While some home tasks are great to do on your own, others are not considered DIY. Planting a garden, changing your batteries in the smoke detector, and cleaning your bathroom is all DIY. Landscape lighting is not on that list. Tasks like landscape lighting in Kansas City should be handled by professionals in order to [...]

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Why You Should Upgrade to LED Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in providing illumination to dark areas, hence helping discourage crime, reduce the risk of injuries, and make your otherwise dark patio livable. Many people were stuck in incandescent lighting for both accent and outdoor lighting, and that could be a mistake. LED lighting technology has evolved through the years [...]

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