Landscape Lighting in Kansas City: Brighten Up Your Home

As we bid farewell to the KC holiday season and pack away the festive lights and decorations, it’s time to turn our attention to a different way to light things up – landscape lighting in Kansas City. Whether you’re in Kansas City or anywhere else in the world, the right outdoor lighting can make all the difference to your home’s exterior.

Not only does it enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal, but it also serves practical purposes such as improving security. Navigating through the myriad options for Kansas City landscape lighting, however, can seem daunting. Questions about the type of lights to use, their optimal placement, and the overall desired look may arise. But worry not, this guide will help you find the perfect landscape lighting in Kansas City for your home.

The beginning of the new year is a great time to start thinking about outdoor home lighting in Kansas City. Here are a few things to consider in your planning:

Focus on the focal point of your property-your home. The key to successful outdoor lighting in Kansas City is to showcase your home while also providing ample lighting to deter criminals. A great rule of thumb is to highlight the areas of your home that are key features. These can include:

  • Arched Entryway
  • Gables
  • Home Corners and Edges
  • Front Porches
  • Front of Garage
  • Side Doors or Other Entry Areas


Once your home has adequate outdoor lighting in Kansas City, next pick some areas of your yard you want to highlight. This will give some dramatic effect and bring interest to areas around your home. Your entire yard will really stand out when the important features of your house are illuminated. Your property can feel much more like a grand estate with exquisite lighting. Here are some important aspects of your house that you might want to draw attention to:


  • Fountains
  • Walkway Leading Up to Your Home
  • Driveway
  • Special Tree


Next, establish what lights you want to use. When it comes to landscape lighting in Kansas City, there are numerous options for bulbs. It’s common knowledge now that switching over to LED bulbs is ideal. This is because they give off great lighting options and are energy efficient. This gives you a beautiful look and saves you money.


In addition, LED bulbs also last longer, so no more changing the bulb every other month. LED bulbs also function in colder temperatures much better than traditional bulbs. When choosing the right bulbs, you also want to use the right wattage to make the most of your home lighting in Kansas City. Experts usually recommend between 40-70 for wattage when highlighting outdoor features.

Landscape Lighting in Kansas City

Why It’s Important to Add Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Kansas City to Your Home 

If you have decided that you want to really make the outside of your KC house stand out, then you know that adding outdoor home lighting in Kansas City is key. It is hard to know where to start, what bulbs to use, where to place them, and how to place them to make a maximum impact. These are all things that are very important to the lighting design in Kansas City and will change the outcome of the overall look. 

Every home is different, has different features that need to be illuminated. This is why so many people hire a company of professionals to help them install outdoor lighting in Kansas City. Many people turn to Chris Light Co. to help design and customize the perfect lighting solution for their home. 

Landscape Lighting in Kansas City

Here are some lighting options that will enhance your front and back yard: 

String of Lights 

This is perfect for your front porch or entryway area as well as your back yard. Outdoor lighting in Kansas City helps to brighten what can sometimes be a dark area. An added benefit is it provides another layer of protection when it comes to security. Strings of light can also help create a similar atmosphere as bistro lighting in Kansas City.  

You’ll enjoy the extra ambiance that string lights bring to your patio. With backyard lighting in Kansas City, there are so many options to bring a warm and inviting feel to your guests, especially at night. 

Landscape Lighting in Kansas City

Light Your Pathways and Stairs 

This feature provides both beauty and safety. When you illuminate a walking path, you save yourself and your guests from falling or tripping on a dark path. When you light up a path, you help create a grand entrance that looks beautiful and is safe. Adding stairway lighting on your front porch or adding some deck lighting in Kansas City to your stairs increases visibility to your guests.  Landscape Lighting in Kansas City


Spotlights on Key Features 

Every yard has one or two standout elements that enhance the appearance of your house. It might be a stunning tree, a well-designed landscaping piece, or even a sizable fountain. Use a spotlight to draw attention to whatever unique feature makes your house stand out. By using  landscape lighting in Kansas City, you draw attention to and emphasize your home’s most attractive features.

Landscape Lighting in Kansas City

Wall-Mounted Lighting 

The main purpose of this is to illuminate your home’s outdoor lighting in Kansas City. The idea of wall-mounted lighting and garage entry lighting is comparable. The majority of houses already have garage lights, but illuminating your home further improves both its appearance and its visibility.

At Chris Light Co., our experts on outdoor lighting in Kansas City understand that the exterior is the most attractive and distinctive portion of your home. Adding proper lighting to it is essential when trying to accentuate all the features. Our team has been working in the metro area for over 20 years, and we are proud of our stunning landscape lighting in Kansas City displays that we provide for our clients.

Landscape Lighting in Kansas City

We Serve the Greater Kansas City Area for Your Convenience:

As a matter of fact, Chris Light Co. will go as far as three hours out of our way to serve you!

Your Requirements for Lighting Are One of a Kind

Landscape Lighting in Kansas City

Some of the best-trained lighting designers working today are those at Chris Light Co. who specialize in designing outdoor lighting in Kansas City. You may relax knowing that we offer LED landscaping lighting in Kansas City that will meet your needs expertly, promptly, and on time.

Each of our lighting designs is developed specifically to support your vision and draw attention to the distinctive qualities of your property. No matter the size, we will complete the task properly. Whether it is a home or commercial facility, we are your Kansas City corporate Christmas lighting company.

Without taking away from the natural beauty of your house or office building, excellent external lighting will change your property in subtle complementary ways. We create unique outdoor lighting in Kansas City that complements your structure’s aesthetics – and we install them with care and attention to detail, making sure they live up to your expectations.


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