#1 Christmas Light Company in Kansas City: Choose US! –There are a lot of factors to take into account when choosing a Kansas City Christmas light installation company. First and foremost, you should confirm that the business you are dealing with carries the appropriate liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

Second, you want to confirm that the business you are working with is reputable and has the skills and knowledge required to finish your Christmas light installation in Kansas.

Finally, it’s a good idea to take a look at some pictures of the finished project. This will assist you in selecting the style of design you want for your Christmas light company in Kansas City to install in your home.

This is the fundamental operation of our service:

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City:

Free Design Consultation:

Our Christmas light company in Kansas City design consultants can show you an endless array of Christmas light installation ideas to help you decide how you want your residence or place of business to look during the holidays.

Our Kansas City Christmas light installation company always provide a free design consultation and will give you an accurate estimate before moving forward with the job with your permission. We personalize every element of your display to give it the exact appearance you desire for this joyous time of year.

Our Kansas City Christmas light installation company team will be pleased to realize your vision if you are certain of what you want. We are here to assist you if you require any direction. We can show you various lighting options, themes, and décor options that will undoubtedly aid in your decision-making regarding the overall style you want.

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City:

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City: Installation

With the equipment, know-how, and expertise to finish ANY task, our insured and licensed Christmas light installation teams are prepared for any challenge.

Each installer at Chris Light Co has received training on how to safely and correctly install Christmas lights and decorations. We can efficiently hang lights and decorations while saving you the trouble and headaches thanks to our systems and techniques. Our holiday lighting company in Kansas City takes great pride in offering our esteemed clients a superior, expert installation that will guarantee your satisfaction.

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City:

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City: Maintenance

Our Kansas City Christmas light installation company want you to enjoy this joyous time of year by relieving the stress out of Christmas decorating! If, in the VERY unlikely event that your display becomes disoriented due to an unforeseen storm or a broken bulb, just give us a call and we will be happy to come fix it. Our Christmas Light company in Kansas City crew will guarantee that your Christmas lights look fantastic the entire time.

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City:

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City: Removal

Good things come to an end, and our Christmas light installers in Kansas City will return soon after New Year’s Day to take down your decorations and lights with the same care and attention to detail that was shown during installation.

The first thing a prospective customer asks us when they call is, “What are your prices?” The reason is that it is very difficult to provide an exact price over the phone; instead, it is preferable to arrange for a free estimate and design consultation for Christmas light installers in Kansas City.

The difficulty level of the roofline, the size of the trees, bushes, and other landscaping that needs to be decorated, the type and quantity of lights required, and other factors will all affect the price. The cost of installing Christmas lights depends on a variety of factors, but don’t worry— Our Christmas Light company in Kansas City will do a fantastic job at a reasonable cost!

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City:

Our “all-inclusive Christmas light installations” packages include a variety of lights and Christmas décor, such as the following:

  • The vintage C-9 “Large Bulb”
  • LEDs in every kind and hue
  • Tiny lights in every hue and kind
  • Various sized and colored icicle lights
  • Trees, ornaments, bells, wreaths, and bows
  • Garland for fence lines, balconies, and arches, both lit and unlit.
  • Lights C-6 and C-7
  • Light sculptures, including Christmas scenes, bears, and deer.
  • Decor and displays that animate
  • Banners and décor mounted on poles

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City:

The simple idea of putting up Christmas lights may evoke some unpleasant memories or ideas. Tripping every circuit in the house, untangling lights that have piled up in your attic or garage, and being afraid of falling off a step stool or ladder can all cause injuries. It’s bittersweet, but it can also occasionally give you a headache.

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City:

The purpose of the holidays is to create enduring memories while enjoying delicious food and company with those you love. Your only task when you hire our Christmas light company in Kansas City is to relax and take in the gorgeous and joyous holiday display while sipping egg nog or hot cocoa! Our devoted crew of experts in Christmas light installation will handle every detail to guarantee your total satisfaction.

When selecting Christmas light installers in Kansas City, it’s critical that you, the customer, take other factors into account besides price. Selecting a reputable company is crucial because they should not only install your Christmas lights and decorations but also provide maintenance throughout the season in case any issues occur.

Over the years, our Christmas light company in Kansas City crew have received numerous calls from homeowners who need their Christmas lights taken down because the company they hired, though under contract, never returned to take down the lights. Typically, the entire cost of installing and removing Christmas lights is paid in advance, so be sure the business you are dealing with is legitimate.

If your plans involve anything more than wrapping a few lights around some trees in the front yard, or if you have grandiose plans to hang enough Christmas lights to keep your neighbors up at night, you should first be aware of something that emergency room doctors all too well know: installing Christmas lighting in Kansas City can be hazardous to your health.

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City:

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City: Injuries When Choosing Not to Use Chris Light Co.

Even though this is a beautiful and joyous time of year, we frequently hear about a variety of injuries that are connected to this time of year. Christmas light installers in Kansas City frequently hear of individuals falling from ladders. This can be especially concerning for elderly fall victims because their injuries typically appear to be more severe than those of their younger counterparts. However, people of all ages—children included—are not immune to the dangers associated with preparing for the holidays.

Approximately 200 people are reported to sustain injuries from decorating at this time of year every day. A government organization called the Consumer Product Safety Commission disseminates this information to the public in an effort to shield people from risks associated with consumer products. An estimated 13,000 people were treated in emergency rooms across the United States in November and December of last year alone for injuries related to Christmas light installers in Kansas City and other holiday decorating mishaps.

According to research, falls that occur during the installation of Christmas lights have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries and irreversible loss of independence in those involved. These falls can occasionally be fatal as well. Electric shock is a very common injury that can also be fatal or significantly alter one’s quality of life.

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City:

We take every safety measure to make sure that none of our Christmas light installers in Kansas City are hurt when we install Christmas lights. Every crew that installs Christmas lights receives training on the value of safety as well as the methods and processes that will guarantee it.

  • If any members of our Christmas Light company in Kansas City find themselves working on steep rooflines or peaks, high up in trees, or on any kind of aerial equipment, they have safety lines and harnesses ready for them to use.

  • For every Christmas light installation, our Christmas light company in Kansas City has external GFCI adapters that we plug in. The likelihood of any kind of electrical shock is significantly decreased with the use of these GFCI adapters.

  • We instill in our crew members the belief that they should never become complacent while working. They are instructed to constantly be aware of their surroundings and to search for potential hazards like electrical lines, broken outlets, etc.

Avoid taking a chance on injury over the holidays. Engage our Kansas City Christmas light installation company, and savor this joyous season!

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City:

Your decorating project’s price always includes installation, removal, and (if necessary) bulb servicing in case of burnouts. The kind of lights you select will have an impact on the installation cost of your Christmas lights. An additional factor in evaluating the bid is whether aerial machinery, such as scissor lifts or bucket lifts, is required. If you’re looking to have garlands installed, we have a wide variety of greenery available at varying price points. This would also apply to yard art, bows, wreaths, and other installations.

Our holiday lighting company in Kansas City is pleased to assist you in creating a design that will fulfill your vision for your holiday décor, and we are able to accomplish anything you request. Recall that consultations for designs and estimates are always free.

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City:

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City: We Have a Wide Variety of Lights and Decorations to Choose From

For energy efficiency and a hassle-free Christmas light installation, LED outdoor lights in Kansas City are a need. We have switched to almost exclusively using LED lights over the past few years. Comparing LED to incandescent lighting reveals astronomical energy costs. There will be a significant reduction in your electricity bill when you switch to LED lighting. Moreover, LED lights have MUCH MORE dependability than incandescent ones. They are also simpler to install, rarely need maintenance, and can be taken apart more roughly. We exclusively utilize lighting in Kansas City of the commercial variety, which are nearly indestructible.

We are prepared and excited to assist you, whether you are preparing for a fun Christmas party or just want to make your kids smile big. With two decades of experience in the industry, our company takes great pride in its innovative lighting in Kansas City designs, high quality products, and satisfied clients.

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City:

Kansas City Corporate Christmas Lighting Company

We can install Christmas lights in any type of setting, whether it be residential or commercial. In addition to residential clients, we also provide our Christmas light installation services to churches, shopping centers, municipalities, strip malls, hotels & resorts, theme parks, car dealerships, and HOAs.

For commercial clients who intend to have their own employees install the holiday lights and decorations, we also provide installation consultation services. For customers that place large orders, we provide this at no cost to them.

We Serve the Greater Kansas City Area for Your Convenience:

As a matter of fact, Chris Light Co. will go as far as three hours out of our way to serve you!

Your Requirements for Lighting Are One of a Kind


Some of the best-trained lighting designers working today are those at Chris Light Co. who specialize in designing outdoor lighting in Kansas City. You may relax knowing that LED landscaping lighting in Kansas City will meet your needs expertly, promptly, and on time.

Christmas Light Company in Kansas City: 


Each of our lighting designs is developed specifically to support your vision and draw attention to the distinctive qualities of your property. No matter the size, we will complete the task properly whether it is a home or commercial facility. We are your Kansas City corporate Christmas lighting company.

Without taking away from the natural beauty of your house or office building, excellent external lighting will change your property in subtle complementary ways. We create unique outdoor lighting in Kansas City that complements your aesthetic and we install them with care and attention to detail, making sure they live up to your expectations. Interested? Call  (913) 851-5882 or fill out a form for us here.